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Complaint about Victim Support

We aim to give everyone who uses our services the best possible help and for us to achieve this we need to know if things have gone wrong. Complaints will help us identify problems and put them right, so we welcome your views.

Many complaints can be dealt with informally by talking to a local manager. They will listen to your views, make a record of what happened and make appropriate changes where possible.

If you feel that your concern cannot be dealt with in this way, we also have a formal complaints procedure. A senior local manager will carry out a detailed investigation and meet the person or team that you have raised a concern about.

Whatever you decide:

  • We are happy to talk to you about what has happened. 
  • We will always make sure that your complaint or concern is treated confidentially. 
  • You can feel free to tell us everything that happened. 
  • Your complaint will never be dealt with by the person who is the subject of your concern. It will always be handled by a senior manager who hasn’t been involved previously. 
  • We will get back to you in a set time-scale so that you always know what’s happening and can feel sure that we are treating your concern or complaint seriously. 
  • You will get an open and fair response. 
  • You will always be treated with respect and we will do all that we can to help and find a way forward. 

How to complain about a service you've received from Victim Support

If you have a concern or a complaint about our services or activities, there are a number of ways that you can do this:

  • In writing to your local Victim Support or Witness Service office or to this address: Hallam House, 56-60 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JL. 
  • By completing this form
  • By phone either to your local office, or if you call the Supportline number on 0845 30 30 900, or the Hallam House number on 020 7268 0200, we will put you in contact with a local senior manager who will investigate what has happened. 
  •  You can ask someone to help you to make a complaint and to act on your behalf if you want. 

What happens next?

  • We will contact you to tell you that we have your complaint within five working days of receipt. 
  • We will let you know if we need to get in touch with you and so it’s important to give us all of your contact details, including the county / city where you live and the best way to reach you. 
  • We will get back to you in an agreed time to let you know the outcome. Please be aware that it takes longer to manage a formal complaint because we will hold a full investigation. We aim to finish our investigation within 30 working days of receipt and will then contact you in writing. 
  • We will explain the result of our discussions or investigation and let you know what we will do if we need to make any changes to our services or processes. 
  • If you are not happy with the result of a complaint you can ask for the decision and process to be looked at again through our appeals process.

How to appeal following a formal complaint:

  • You can contact us in the same way as before to let us know that you want to appeal the decision. 
  • A member of our senior management team will then look into your complaint and how it was managed to ensure that the process and the decisions made were fair. 
  • Decisions made as a result of the appeal are final.

Your rights under the Data Protection Act

You can ask to see the information held by Victim Support about you. If you want to do this you should write to your local Victim Service or Witness Service office.


We supported more than 204,000 witnesses through the process of going to court

We supported more than 204,000 witnesses through the process of going to court

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